Jump Into Development With Kinect V2

During the past couple days I have been working on really cool demo project. Rotate a 3D image using Kinect V2!! It was really difficult to me to find some guide lines to development apart from the tutorial there in the SDK.

If you want to understand how things work, keep reading!



From Manage NuGet you can install Kinect v2 to your project.image

Activate the Kinect Sensor

KinectSensor _sensor = KinectSensor.GetDefault();
if (_sensor != null)
_reader = _sensor.OpenMultiSourceFrameReader(FrameSourceTypes.Color | FrameSourceTypes.Depth | FrameSourceTypes.Infrared | FrameSourceTypes.Body);

_reader.MultiSourceFrameArrived += Reader_MultiSourceFrameArrived;

Kinect Sample Video